Global Ordnance has managed the supply and delivery of more than $500M of weapons, ammunition, and platforms to the US Government and their Allies throughout the world. Our personnel has delivered hundreds of millions of rounds of NATO and Soviet-era ammunition and weapons (non-standard ammunition and weapons). To include:

GP-25/30 UBGL (Low Velocity)

  • 40mm VOG-25 HE Frag
  • 40mm VOG-25P HE Bounding
  • 40mm Smoke

GSH-23L Gun System

  • 23x115mm API
  • 23x115mm HE
  • 23x115mm TP

2A42 Gun System

  • 30x165mm AP
  • 30x165mm AP-T
  • 30x165mm HE
  • 30x165mm HEI
  • 30x165mm HEI-T
  • 30x165mm TP
  • GSH-30K Gun System

M203 Low-Velocity Ammunition

  • High Explosive (HE): M381, M386, M406, M441
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP): M433
  • Buckshot: (Twenty 24g metal pellets)
  • Star parachute (flare): M583A1
  • Star cluster (flare): M585 (white), M661 (green), M662 (red)
  • Smoke Canopy: M676 (yellow), M680 (white), M682 (red)
  • Ground Marker (smoke): M713 (red), M714 (white), M715 (green), M716 (yellow)
  • Practice: M781
  • Infra-red illumination: M992
  • Various Non-lethal used for crowd control

MK 19 40mm High Velocity

  • High Explosive (HE): M383, M384
  • High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP): M430
  • Practice: M385, M918
  • Dummy: M922/M922A1