Highly Capable Mid-Sized Robot

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Avenger is a robust, versatile and capable of effectively performing a wide range of Law Enforcement, First Responder and Military robotic functions. Its modular construction and advanced electronic design makes maintenance and support in the field simple and inexpensive, improving the life cycle of the robot.

With its exceptional reach and lifting capabilities, the Avenger is a leap forward in EOD robotic design. Avenger’s arm and claw provide capabilities typically found only on larger robots. It can easily reach over and under obstacles to grasp a target or deploy X-Ray systems, disruptors, EOD tools and sensors.

  • Rugged, lightweight, portable Command Console independently tested and certified to Military Standards.
  • Easy to use, intuitive controller supported by supplementary PS4 controller.
  • 3D Avatar and pre-set configurations aids user operations and speed of deployment.
  • Avenger is fitted with an integral On-Board PC providing additional/expanding capability, allowing integration of 3rd party equipment.
  • Highly dexterous 7 Degree of Freedom Manipulator Arm.
  • Reaches under vehicles; in vehicles and overhead storage in mass transit vehicles.
  • Exceptional lift capability, 50kg (110lbs) close to front of robot.
  • High speed drive up to 8km/h (5mph) combined with user adjustable track profile.

Avenger *
Core System


Belt Cutter Assembly
Borescope Kit
CBRNe Sensor Mount
Laser Range Finding Camera
Rear Drive Camera
Auxiliary Camera
Universal Disruptor Mount
Fiber Optic Cable Spooler (300m)
Frangible Mount
Head Mounted Display
On-Board Firing Cable (50m)
Payload Mount
Sensor Mount
Shock Tube Initaitor
Shotgun Mount
UVIED Skid Plate
Window Breaker
Wire Cutting Finger Assembly
X-Ray Mount

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