Core Search Backpack A

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Core Search Backpack A


Med-Eng offers 3 backpacks to equip a 6-8 man search team for detecting explosives, bombs, IEDs, weapons and drugs.

For use in various search operations: person, route, building, area, vehicle, vessel and aircraft search.

Backpack A contains equipment to provide the capability of access, dismantling, inspection and detection.

Designed with weight, space and tactical mobility in mind. Use removable pouches and can be re-packaged for the mission requirement.

Backpack A includes the following types of equipment:

  • Drilling, general access tools, bolt removal tools, mechanical cutting tools, gripping tools, measuring and cutting tools
  • Metric and imperial socket sets with extensions, drivers and adaptors
  • Adjustable wrenches for bolts beyond the range of conventional socket drives
  • Gripping tools for difficult to remove or irregular shaped items
  • Special keys for customized locking heads and fittings, including drain cover removal
  • A variety of pliers and side-cutting snips
  • Hand saws and knives
  • Measuring tapes up to 25m (82in)
  • Panel removal tool for car search operations
  • Basic illumination, including a mini-laser pointer for trip-wire detection
  • Rigid and flexible optical endoscope set, or digital endoscope with LCD screen
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