Core Search Backpack B

Enhanced Search

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Core Search Backpack B


Med-Eng offers 3 backpacks to equip a 6-8 man search team for detecting explosives, bombs, IEDs, weapons and drugs.

For use in various search operations: person, route, building, area, vehicle, vessel and aircraft search. Designed with weight, space and tactical mobility in mind.
Use removable pouches and can be re-packaged for the mission requirement.

Backpack B contains equipment for gaining access to voids and spaces and includes a multi-scanner for avoidance of hidden obstructions.

Heavy tools are provided in this kit as well as basic marking equipment.

Backpack B includes:

  • Drill assembly
  • Multi-Scanner
  • Metal Detector
  • Cutting tools
  • A variety of mirrors
  • Telescopic mirror arms
  • Marking kit including tape, flag & cones
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