Core Search Backpack C

Enhanced Detection

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Core Search Backpack C


Med-Eng offers 3 backpacks to equip a 6-8 man search team for detecting explosives, bombs, IEDs, weapons and drugs.

For use in various search operations: person, route, building, area, vehicle, vessel and aircraft search.

Backpack C contains advanced electronic detection capability, basic scene investigation and evidence handling equipment, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE), to provide the capability of access, dismantling, inspection and detection.

Designed with weight, space and tactical mobility in mind. Use removable pouches and can be re-packaged for the mission requirement.

Backpack C includes the following equipment:

  • Forensic evidence gather kit including bags, brushes, gloves & clothing
  • Probe/Landmine prodder
  • Trip wire feeler
  • A variety of hooks
  • Line & shackle
  • Torches
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