Digital Vanguard-S

Core Capability Robot

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Digital Vanguard-S

The upgraded Digital Vanguard-S provides a speed increase; optimized centre of gravity; additional reach; improved reliability and performance.

This popular robot’s modular construction enables it to be re-purposed into alternative roles and makes maintenance and support in the field simple and inexpensive.

  • Rugged lightweight and intuitive laptop-based controller.
  • Mission duration of 2 to 4+ hours (dependent on mission).
  • Modular design for mission optimization and field repair.
  • Two independent firing circuits.
  • Additional Input/Output ports allowing connectivity of 3rd party equipment.
  • Dexterous 5 Degree of Freedom Manipulator Arm with optional Telescopic Arm
  • Ascends / descends stairs in excess of 45 deg (traction dependent).
  • Compact storage for transportation.

Digital Vanguard-S *
Core System


CBRNe Sensor Mount
Arm Mounted IR Camera
Digital Fiber Optic Spooler
Disruptor Mount
EOD Multi-Tool Kit
Head Mounted Display
On-Board Firing Cable (20m)
PTZ Extension
Robo Ramp
Shock Tube Initiator
Shotgun Mount
Telescopic Arm
Window Breaker
X-Ray Mount

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