HAL® 1Line Tripod (TP1L)

Lift and Place Heavy Objects

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HAL® 1Line Tripod (TP1L)


The Med-Eng HAL 1Line Tripoid is a robust tripod for heavy lift during Search, Clearance and EOD/IEDD Operations. Light enough to be hand carried and easily set up by a technician wearing a full EOD 10 bomb suit or EOD 9 bomb suit, or the TAC 6E suit.

  • Enables an operator to lift items then set them down outside the tripod’s footprint for easier access.
  • Requires only a single line to first lift the target object, then trigger a hinged drop-arm that positions the target object outside the tripod’s footprint.
  • Using a single line provides greater control when lifting and extracting.
  • Easily lift 225Kg/500Lb.
  • Adjustable height and drop.

The Med-Eng HAL 1Line Tripod is recommended for use with the Med-Eng HAL General Service and HAL General Service Lite kits.

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