HAL® Backpack

Highly Portable Hook and Line Kit for Mobile Operations

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HAL® Backpack


The HAL backpack kit contains specialist equipment suitable for both the semi remote and manual stages of an IEDD Operation.

Lightweight and highly portable EOD/IEDD rigging kit for tactical deployment/Air Operations

  • Dedicated stowage that can be reconfigured by the user
  • Single high strength, low stretch Kevlar line
  • Detachable pouches
  • Space to carry other EOD/IEDD equipment
  • Mini Operators tool kit
  • Mesh fronted pockets for ease of identification
  • Unique multi-function clamp
  • Over 80 HAL components

Custom designed backpack provides dedicated stowage in mesh pockets that can be reconfigured by the user to create additional space for other essential equipment such as disruptors, firing cable and other EOD Tools.

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