Part Number Description Price
GO-FMS-OPT-0001 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $475.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0002 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $990.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0003 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $8,345.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0004 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $19,975.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0005 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $97,250.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0001 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $425.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0002 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $981.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0003 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $9,250.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0004 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $21,000.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0005 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $94,255.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0001 Individual Support Equipment $99.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0002 Individual Support Equipment $975.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0003 Individual Support Equipment $8,450.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0004 Individual Support Equipment $49,540.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0005 Individual Support Equipment $98,999.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0001 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $75.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0002 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $925.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0003 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $9,250.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0004 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $47,250.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0005 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $99,000.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0001 Shipboard Support Equipment $245.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0002 Shipboard Support Equipment $759.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0003 Shipboard Support Equipment $2,499.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0004 Shipboard Support Equipment $19,999.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0005 Shipboard Support Equipment $49,999.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0001 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $149.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0002 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $2,750.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0003 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $24,000.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0004 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $95,000.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0005 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $149,999.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0001 Electronic and Support Equipment $94.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0002 Electronic and Support Equipment $1,050.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0003 Electronic and Support Equipment $10,110.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0004 Electronic and Support Equipment $105,000.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0005 Electronic and Support Equipment $249,999.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0001 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $1,490.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0002 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $27,000.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0003 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $42,500.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0004 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $94,500.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0005 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $140,000.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0001 Ground Mobility Systems $420.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0002 Ground Mobility Systems $1,760.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0003 Ground Mobility Systems $22,450.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0004 Ground Mobility Systems $74,500.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0005 Ground Mobility Systems $81,540.00
GO-ELC-COM-0001 Communications Equipment $27.00
GO-ELC-COM-0002 Communications Equipment $149.00
GO-ELC-COM-0003 Communications Equipment $1,250.00
GO-ELC-COM-0004 Communications Equipment $29,430.00
GO-ELC-COM-0005 Communications Equipment $95,550.00


We deliver responsive worldwide defense solutions to complex customer requirements – any time, any place.

Global Ordnance is a Veteran-Owned company that specializes in foreign weapons and ammunition procurement.

Global Ordnance (GO), is a Veteran Owned Small Business located in Tampa and Sarasota Florida and supported by a logistics hub located in Sarasota, FL. With over 250 years of combined experience GO supplies the U.S. and allied armed forces our customers’ programs … LEARN MORE

contact info

Corporate HQ Address

2150 Whitfield
Sarasota, FL 34243

Mil / LE SALES HQ Address

2701 North Rocky Point Drive Suite 980
Tampa, FL 33607

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