Global Ordnance is a Veteran-Owned company that specializes in foreign weapons and ammunition procurement. 

With over 100 years of combined experience in the military and defense industriest-72_tank[1], and over 35 years in Non Standard Ammunition (NSA) and Non Standard Weapons (NSW), Global Ordnance brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge to our customers’ programs. It keeps the needs of the service members, the United States Government, and its Allies as its number one priority through complete supply chain management, logistics services and commodity services to defense and government customers. Global Ordnance management has operated in over 40 countries around the world, and has partnered, contracted, worked/consulted for, and teamed with most major defense contractors in the United States, Asia, and Europe. We bring companies into the international marketplace and support their business development efforts through our network of international sales reps and contacts, marketing, training, and logistics services.

The senior management at Global Ordnance has managed the supply and delivery of more than $500M of weapons, ammunition, and platforms to the US Government and their Allies throughout the world. Our personnel have delivered hundreds of millions of rounds of NATO and Soviet era ammunition and weapons (non-standard ammunition and weapons). From AK-47s to D-30 Howitzers; 7.62mm to 122mm; Global Ordnance delivers the convenience of a one-stop supply chain, proven and winning business capture strategies, outstanding program management, logistics/transportation solutions, and an uncompromising commitment to quality.


Registered with the US State Department and conversant with ITARS, Global Ordnance is able to execute programs and provide the necessary licensing and permissions required for OCONUS to OCONUS, CONUS to OCONUS, and OCONUS to CONUS deliveries.

.D30 122mm Howitzer12.7mm x 108mm BallSoviet RPKSmall Caliber Ammunition