Global Military Products Awarded 5-Year Contract for Special Ammunition and Weapon Systems

Tampa, FL – Global Military Products, Inc. (GMP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Ordnance, LLC, has been awarded a 5-Year IDIQ contract valued up to $750M from Army Contracting Command-Rock Island to deliver Special Ammunition and Weapon Systems (SAWS) to the U.S. Government and its allies. SAWS are those munitions and weapon systems which are not type classified into the U.S. inventory, and are used for either training, testing, or delivery to U.S. allies. Many are non-NATO or former Soviet bloc arms and munitions. GMP’s parent company, Global Ordnance, LLC was formed in 2013 to capture and perform SAWS contacts.  It then acquired Chemring Military Products, Inc., also a SAWS contractor, in 2019, changed its name to Global Military Products, and now performs its defense business from the GMP entity.   As an incumbent on the PD SAWS contract for a decade, GMP has delivered over $500M in Special Ammunition and Weapon Systems to the US and our allies around the world. This new 5-year IDIQ contract is the 4th consecutive IDIQ award issued to the GMP Team in support of PD SAWS. 

Upon receiving the award, Vice President of GMP, Lee Jackson, stated: 

We are very grateful and humbled that GMP will continue doing this important work for the Army. Over the past 10 years, the GMP Team has assembled the most qualified and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of NATO and Former Soviet Bloc defense items from around the world. We are proud to be the industry leader for sourcing and delivering special ammunition and weapon systems.  

In addition to supplying SAWS products, Global Military Products performs systems contracting and engineering services for various munitions, weapon systems, and military vehicles.  
Global Ordnance attributes much of their successful growth to their ability to attract and retain qualified talent and is always looking for the next addition to their team. If you are an experienced program manager, engineer, or program finance professional and are interested in applying, email your resume to

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