FTR-P1 Training Ammunition (Poly shot)

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Royal Arms Frangible Training Breaching Ammunition offers a low-cost round for Tactical Teams to practice with, without the heavy recoil of Breaching Rounds so you can shoot these all day long. This load is designed for pump shotguns and will not function Semi Auto. It has enough power to effectively breach training doors, yet has 1/3 the recoil and payload. The round is non-toxic and has no metal projectiles and is loaded with #4 polyethylene shot. With proper training, this round can be used in “Less Than Lethal in Riot, Crowd Control & animal applications.
2 3/4 in
1950 FPS
48 Gram load of Poly Shot
Law Enforcement, Military & Govt Sales Only!
Active, Reserve, Retired & Trainers w/ Valid Credentials
Credentials will be verified prior to shipment!

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