Less Lethal Crowd Control

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  • ALS4006D

    REACT Round (40MM)

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    REACT Round Extended Range, OC

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    ALS4045 MIL

    ALS4045 MIL, Hornets Nest, .48 Cal Rubber Balls (48 count)

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    50M Aerial Warning Device

  • ALS4060

    Hornets Nest, .60 Cal. Rubber Balls (24 Count)

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    100M Aerial Warning Device

  • ALS4227LCS

    Barricade Penetrator, CS Liquid

  • ALS4227PCS

    Barricade Penetrator, CS Powder

  • ALS4262LOC

    Barricade Penetrator, OC Liquid

  • ALS4262POC

    Barricade Penetrator, OC Powder

  • ALS46H

    Top Cop Horizontal Tactical Tank (46oz MK46), Features Shrader Valve

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    50oz M46HE Enhanced Mega Unit

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